How to find the best recreational vehicle loan rate

There are a wide array of lending sources, all trying to sell you the best and lowest recreational vehicle loan rate for the purchase of your new or used recreational vehicle. Is it even possible to narrow down the field and find the lending company that offers a recreational vehicle loan rate that suits my needs rather than their own? The answer is: Yes! Yes, you can find a motor home financial lending company that will offer you a recreational vehicle loan rate to match your budgetary limitations and financial needs. As you look online, in trade magazines, or even at local recreational vehicle dealers, there are some questions you will need to ask yourself first. This will help steer you through the process, and prepare you for what is expected from you as a prospective motor home buyer.

    • Have you thought about how much you can realistically afford on a motor home?
    • Can you put any money down on a down payment?
    • Do you have a trade in motor home or vehicle?
    • What will your budget allow you to pay monthly?
    • Will a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate fit your needs best?
    • Do you want to pay the loan over 10 years, 15 years, 20 years?

All of the above questions are intertwined with one another to help you find a recreational vehicle loan rate appropriate to your financial needs. Therefore, it is important for you to answer them honestly and realistically, so you can find the best recreational vehicle loan rate available to you.

Your recreational vehicle loan rate will be affected by the asking price of the RV, as will your monthly payment, your down payment, etc. When trying to find your ideal recreational vehicle loan rate, you should utilize the free online tool – the RV financing loan calculator. This easy to use online tool is available for you to play with different budget numbers. You will be able to see which variables fit best with your budgetary needs.

If you can place a large cash down payment on your motor home purchase, you will be able to secure a lower motor home loan rate. The larger your down payment, the smaller your monthly payments will be, and maybe even the life of your loan will be shorter. Of course, not everyone can make a large down payment on their new or used recreational vehicle purchase. This is fine! By doing research, you will see that sometimes lending sources encourage a zero down payment for the purchase, and even will offer a lower recreational vehicle loan rate for this.

Another important aspect of a recreational vehicle loan rate that you should think seriously about is whether you want a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate on your loan. Both have benefits, so you will just need to assess your personal situation to see which type of rate fits best with your requirements. In brief, a fixed rate will stay the same for the length of term on the loan. A variable will start low, but will gradually increase with time or with the going rate on the interest market.

Take the time needed to answer the above list of questions. You will see how each question overlaps with one another, and how all of them affect your RV interest loan rate. If you have your own questions, do not hesitate to ask. There are online resources for you to use, or you can call the dealer, a financial lender, or even someone who already owns an RV. You want to have a financial advantage in the long run, so get out there and do your research.


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